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Space History for September 4

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Died, Cesar F. Cassini de Thury, French astronomer, cartographer (Earth radius greater at the equator than the poles)

Johann Palisa discovered asteroid #218 Bianca.

The first municipal electric power station, Pearl Street Station in New York City, built by Thomas Edison, supplied electricity to its first 85 customers.,_1882

Johann Palisa discovered asteroid #315 Constantia.

Paul Gotz discovered asteroid #571 Dulcinea.

Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth discovered asteroid #921 Jovita.

George Van Biesbroeck discovered asteroid #1033 Simona.

Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth discovered asteroids #1642 Hill, #1643 Brown, #1823 Gliese, #2537 Gilmore and #2615 Saito.

President Harry Truman opened the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco with the first coast-to-coast television broadcast in the US.

AT&T's "microwave radio-relay skyway" system was designed to carry television signals as well as telephone messages, and less than three weeks after the first phone call, it did just that. On 4 September 1951, the largest single television audience to date - estimated at more than 30 million people - saw and heard President Harry Truman open the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco via the nation's first coast-to-coast telecast. The broadcast was made possible when AT&T met a U.S. State Department request to advance the TV opening of the new system by a month from what the telephone company had been planning.

Tamara Smirnova discovered asteroid #1791 Patsayev.

MSFC Director Wernher von Braun performed a pressure suit test in the Saturn I Workshop immersed in the Neutral Buoyancy Tank, verifying upgraded seals used in the aft dome penetration sealing study, and recommended additional handholds and tether points.

Lyudmila Zhuravleva discovered asteroids #1859 Kovalevskaya, #1909 Alekhin, #2015 Kachuevskaya and #3231.

Claes-Ingvar Lagerkvist discovered asteroid #2744 Birgitta.

Paul Wild discovered asteroid #2368 Beltrovata.

Edward L. G. Bowell discovered asteroid #3216 Harrington.

Edward L. G. Bowell discovered asteroids #2959 Scholl and #3439 Lebofsky.

1984 15:49:53 GMT
USSR launched a Proton-K/DM-2 from Baikonor carrying Cosmos 1593, 1594 and 1595 to orbit, three dummy Glonass satellites, testing components and apparatus of the space-based navigation system being set up by the Soviets.

1987 19:26:00 GMT
USSR launched Ekran 16 from Baikonur to transmit Central Television programs to a network of receivers for collective use, which was positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 99 deg E 1987-1989.

1997 12:03:00 GMT
GE Americom's GE 3 communications satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 87 deg W.

1999 10:34:00 GMT
South Korea's Mugungwa 3 (a.k.a. Koreasat 3) communications satellite was launched from Kourou on an Ariane 42P and positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 112 deg E.

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